Mark 5 : 1 – 20. Pastor Patrick Pierre – Powell.

  • :  Jesus restores a demon possessed man to his normal self.
  • :  16 September 2018

Arriving on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee Jesus encounters a man who is possessed by demons who have reduced his life to one of screaming, naked and inflicting harm on himself. Finding him impossible to restrain the local people had driven him away to live amongst the graves. The demons recognise Jesus, and His authority, and beg to postpone their inevitable punishment by being permitted to enter a nearby herd of pigs. This leads to the destruction of the animals and the desire of the locals to have Jesus leave their country. This rejection of the Messiah, and his message, is accepted by Jesus, who leaves by boat telling the restored outcast to go to his friends telling them what God has done for him.

(There was a fault in recording this message resulting in 3 minutes missing at 11 minutes in.)