Mark 8 : 31 – 9 : 1. Pastor Patrick Pierre – Powell.

  • :  Jesus spells out the cost of of following Him
  • :  6 January 2019

Jesus prepares His disciples for what lies ahead for both Him and them. He explains what will happen when He is rejected by the religious authorities and they succeed in their ambition to have Him killed. But importantly this will not be the end as Jesus will rise again three days later. Peter, speaking on behalf of the disciples, betrays his lack of understanding of the role of the promised Messiah by trying to dissuade Jesus from this path. Jesus rebukes Peter and the others for doing the work of the devil in acting in this manner.

Calling a larger group together Jesus then extends His teaching to explain that the cost of following Him will mean suffering similar opposition and ultimately a similar death. But the question asked is, what is true spiritual life worth, what are we prepared to pay to save our soul?