Acts 18 : 12 – 28. Pastor Patrick Pierre – Powell.

  • :  Pastor Patrick Pierre – Powell looks at the beginning of Paul’s third missionary journey
  • :  3 September 2017

Paul, still in Corinth, is brought by the Jews before the Roman proconsul Gallio with the charge that Paul is disobeying Roman laws by preaching Christ. Gallio dismisses this allegation and the leader of the synagogue suffers the wrath of the local mob. This leader, Sosthenes, is likely to be the same person later referred to by Paul as a fellow believer in his first letter to the Corinthians. Paul having taken a Nazarite vow sets off, by ship, for Jerusalem via Ephesus where he leaves behind Aquilla and Priscilla to establish the church there. He then begins his next missionary journey by travelling to Antioch and onwards to Galatia. The chapter ends with the introduction of Apollos an eloquent man, ‘mighty in the scriptures’. Although he had only found partial truth by having the baptism of John, his arrival at Ephesus allowed Aquliia and Priscilla to explain the way of truth more accurately. Apollos then moved on to Corinth where he ‘greatly helped those who had believed through grace’.